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Han Zheng Visited the Stand of CPCG and the Yan Family Attended the Opening Ceremony of CAEXPO
Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Fourth China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo, Delivered a Key-note Speech and Witnessed a Signing Ceremony
Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit
CPCG Becomes the First Exclusive Diamond Strategic Partner of the China-ASEAN Exposition
Mr. Yan Hao was Consecutively Elected as Vice President of China Individual Labor Association
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Mr. Yan Jiehe Met the Australia Former Premier Bob Hawke Again in Shanghai
From Nov 16th to 17th , the former premier, the father of APEC, Bob Hawke visited Wuzhen in China and Susun Group. Mr. Yan Jiehe exchanged views and ideas with Mr. Hawke in terms of Internet cooperation, economic interaction, political mutual trust and people to people integration.

In the afternoon of 17th, Mr. Yan Jiehe treated the premier Hawke in the headquarter of Susun Group. This was also the second time for Mr. Yan to meet with the premier Hawke. They exchanged ideas in terms of politics, economy and international relations.

Mr. Yan extended his gratitude to the trudge of premier Hawke and praised him for his patriotism to his homeland. Mr. Yan sang high praise for Mr. Hawke and regarded him as an admiring leader. He said the CPCG is ready to establish companies in Australia

The relations between different countries, in the final analysis, depend on the people to people exchanges. Mr. Yan emphasized that he was committed to promote economic interaction, political mutual trust and people to people integration through civil society. He thinks that 99% of the contradictions are resulted from non-negotiation. Only by mutual understanding could the misunderstandings resolved. This is not only the responsibility of the government but also the mission of the era for every insightful private entrepreneur with a strong sense of responsibility.

Hawke agreed with Mr. Yan’s idea and asserted the win-win results for China-Australia cooperation. He praised that China was a responsible country, especially under the leadership of the president Xi Jinping. China has formulated relevant policies and carried out multiple works to face the volatile world landscape. He loves China and is confident for the sincere cooperation between China and Australia. He also expressed that both China and U.S are great countries. He concerned about the prospects between China and Australia.

The former premier Hawke, which is 88 now, has been to China for hundreds of times.

After a short day, the premier Hawke rushed his back to Australia. During the meeting, Hawke invited Mr. Yan to visit his home in Australia. Mr. Yan led a team to see Hawke off and wish him healthy and enjoy a joyful life.
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